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Nashville, Tennessee

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My Story

Nashville artist exploring different methods and materials for creating art. 

Artist Statement and bio



The creation of art is about exploring, it is a visual expression of the world around us.  The combination of what I see, feel and have experienced in the world is my inspiration for what I create.  My faith plays a great role in what I see, it is the driving force that keeps me exploring and creating.  Most of the images I create are considered mixed media.   The use of acrylic and oil paints, paint mediums, pastels, inks, fabric, paper, pencil and pen provide the opportunity for endless creative possibilities.   My faith, family and friends are the inspiration for the images I create; they are the harmony and the love.

Born in Atlanta, GA, I grew up in Texas, Germany and Tennessee. I started drawing and painting as a child and continued exploring art throughout my early education.  I continued studying art at Queens College, Charlotte NC and received a degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1984. 



 "so much joy can be found in art"
Creating art opens up the world around you. It is finding the truth in what you see, its putting pieces together that make sense, its exploring.